Centrifugal heat pump split system for small spaces

Airconditioning with no outside unit

Centrifugal heat pump split system for small spaces

Scope of application : Town center premises

Optimized condensing unit :

  • Smaller floor space
  • Direct exhaust through a round duct
  • R410A fluid
  • Low noise level


  • Winter start kit
  • LP pressure switch
  • Disconnecting switch



Condensing unit

Compressor compartment insulated with a noise protection
Air discharge through a round spur
HP pressure switch reset by electrical supply cut off
3 ventilation speeds for the condenser (the speed can be changed by altering the wiring)

Indoor units

Wall mouted unit

Infra red remote control
3 ventilation speeds
Sleep mode for optimum comfort at night
On/Off time programming


Easy installation in suspended ceilings
Infra red remote control
Optimum air distribution
Time programming
Lift pump as standard
Optional electrical heating (Electro-mechanical regulation)

Ducted inside unit

Wired remote control
Discrete integration
Low noise level
Electrical heating (option)