Helical low temperature single split

Scope of application : Catering

Product benefits

Easy integration :

  • Temperature setpoint : from 8 to 21°C
  • Economical solution
  • Refrigerating connection pipe : up to 30 m (available up to 80 m on demand)
  • Visual and noise discretion

Easy fitting :

  • Easily and rapidly fitted
Condensing unit

Fitted outside the building - Factory fitted HP & LP pressurestat and winter start kit - Low starting current
- Shut off valves and flared connection supplied

Inside unit

Wall mount or ceiling mount unit

Stainless steel casing - Electronic regulation - Electrical heating (optional) - Can be fitted to the wall

Ceiling cassette unit

No fittings outside the building - Air inlet and dischargecan be moduled - Removable access panels for maintenance

Ducted unit

100 Pa static pressure - Low height - Low noise level